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Do you long to have your home away from the busyness of life? A place with enough land for a horse barn, a pond, a garden, and trees? Or maybe a home with a front porch swing and a beautiful view? At Southeastern Estates, this is the life we live, the air we breathe.

Welcome to Southeastern Estates, LLC, where our team is the most creative and passionate group of agents in the industry. Our focus is connecting buyers and sellers of country homes with land, minifarms, lake homes, etc. across Alabama.

If you need to sell your place, our innovative approach to marketing will produce much better results than ALL other “land only” or “residential only” agents, guaranteed. Bottom line, if there is a buyer in the marketplace for your property, the team at Southeastern Estates will find them!

If you want to buy a home or land in Alabama and don’t currently see it in our inventory, we would appreciate the opportunity to help you find your dream property. We will work with numerous professionals within the industry including other land and home agents to get it done for you. Many times we already know where your perfect place is, even some that may not currently be on the market. We will listen to your needs and find the best fit for you.