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The Land Show Episode 256

This Week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

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  • Dave – Jonathan was another great Land Show opened up with a really interesting topic. Talking about buddy Chris Robin with Miss Kay Donaldson with Alabama Bass Trail. They’re having a great Summer.
  • Johnny – Yeah, it sounds like a lot of folks getting on the water which is great, problem means a lot of folks will be getting out in the woods for hunting season.
  • Dave – Absolutely
  • Johnny – And then we went to Thorsby, Alabama Chilton County to talk to our family farmer there, Miss Taylor Hatchett with Boozer Farms and she’s had a tremendous program going on this year selling a lot of produce and selling some sod too. It sounds like hard work
  • Dave – Oh, yeah, yes, she’s a hard-working farmer. And we found ole’ Randall Upchurch to give our Farmland Report. He’s a hard-working big fella selling poultry farms, cattle farms, and talking about a tremendous opportunity there in Coleman County.
  • Johnny – He did and then we wrapped it up with Brian Watts. Brian and I recounted a story that his father-in-law came and pulled me out of the mud in Clark County the other day. And we talked about a couple of properties that he and I have for sale. So there’s another good show.
  • Dave – It was. Appreciate y’all watching this show review and we encourage you to listen to the entire Land Show with Dave and Johnny.

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