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The Land Show Episode 258

This Week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Randa Starnes, with Tennessee River Music, joins us to talk about her well-known family and their large Hereford and Angus cattle farm in Fort Payne.
  • Chris Nix, Alligator Program Director, updates us on the Alabama alligator hunting season. He also discusses recent cleanup efforts from Hurricane Sally.
  • Randall Upchurch gives our Farmland Report and shares a great cattle and row crop farm for sale in Limestone County.
  • Taylor Hart with First South Farm Credit discusses recent trends and great interest rates available to borrowers right now.

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  • Dave – Jonathan, It was another great Land Show in spite of you and I, we had to bring some talent, Taylor Hart. Taylor Hart from First South Farm Credit. Thanks for being on the show today.
  • Taylor – I appreciate that opportunity, all is well.
  • Dave – Alright, we gonna come back. But we opened it and it really was a great show. It was a kind of a unique show, we started out at Lookout Mountain, Miss Randa Starnes with Tennessee Valley Music–
  • Johnny – Which is the river music.
  • Dave – Yeah Tennessee river, which is a name of a cattle farm.
  • Johnny – Yeah.
  • Dave – Whether you know, her dad is Randy Owen and such a neat story there from, he was a sharecropper, his family sharecropped growing up and now they’re farming on that land on Lookout Mountain with all that good country music money they’ve made over the years. So just really a tremendous, and they do great cattle sales and a farm market and farm-raised beef they’re just really interesting.
  • Johnny – Yeah it was. And then we went down to South Alabama, we interviewed Mr. Chris Nix. He’s a district wildlife supervisor for the Alabama Department of Conservation of– or Wildlife and Freshwater Fish– that’s a long mouthful, but he’s also the alligator program coordinator. And he talked to us about the alligator season happening around the state. It’s amazing to me, out of the 260 tags that they put, he said that they give out over 70% of the field. So a lot of folks out there harvesting alligators this year.
  • Dave – Yeah, that’s exciting. And when we went down to Clay County, Randall Upchurch working the farm, getting in the hay and you know, that guy just owns tons of cattle farms and poultry farms for Robert King with Poultry South and talked about a tremendous opportunity as right outside the city of Athens in a growth area, a cattle farm that they could be a potential development area in the future. Great opportunity.
  • Johnny – Yep. For sure. And then we wrapped it up with Mr. Taylor Hart came in and talked to us about First South and Taylor one of the things we talked about is there’s just a strong demand, People of all different sizes tracks, but particularly smaller tracks around cities, people wanting to get out of them.
  • Taylor – Yeah, they are and we’ve seen typically in our, in our high-density areas we’ve been seeing that, but we’re kind of seeing that all over the place. They’re just wanting to get out. Like you mentioned the natural social distancing, it’s just get out and get away and have a place on their own. So we’re seeing a lot of that.
  • Dave – Yeah. Well, we appreciate First South Farm great at being a sponsor and partner of The Land Show, you are doing a tremendous job of financing land at tremendous rates and we appreciate you all watching this review slash preview of the land show and encourage you to listen to the entire land show with Dave and Johnny.

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