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The Land Show Episode 268

This Week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Seth Maddox, Migratory Game Bird Coordinator with DCNR, is on to discuss the Alabama duck, dove, and sandhill crane hunting seasons.
  • Matt Wilkes with Wilkes Family Farm shares about his family satsuma farm near Slocomb, AL.
  • Randall Upchurch discusses how the increase in lumber prices is affecting the construction of poultry farms around the Southeast.
  • Andrew Harp with Alabama Ag Credit came in studio to talk about what they are seeing with land lending around the state.

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  • Dave – Well Johnathan, it was another great show, man. We had a, we had a tremendous first guest on, and before we talk about our first guest. I want us to thank Alabama Ag credit, and Andrew Harp who’s on the show today, for being one of our sponsors and you’re doing a great job, Andrew.
  • Andrew – Thank you. I appreciate a chance to be able to be on the show and I love to hear the other stories too. I mean we got to talk about some chicken. We talked about some satsumas.
  • Dave – Oh yeah.
  • Andrew – I mean we really touched it all and now you’re going to the coast to eat so…
  • Dave – Ahh I’m excited and, and, and, you know, speaking of going to the coast, we’re talking about the birds that are flying all over the United States, with the migratory game bird coordinator for the State of Alabama, Mr.Seth Maddox, he talked about the sandhill crane season coming up and duck season then dove season. It was very interesting.
  • Johnny – Yeah, it was, he covered a lot of ground. And then we went down to Slocomb, Alabama, talked to Matt Wilks, he’s the owner of Wilks family farm there a satsuma producer. Satsumas are near and dear to your heart. And then we got a lot of great information. I almost was totally blown away by that kind of information.
  • Dave – Well you are kind of an amateur in satsuma.
  • Johnny – I am now an amateur in satsuma farming for sure.
  • Dave – Yeah, and then we found big man Randall Upchurch you know, roaming around we never know where he was in Macon County, traveling through selling farms throughout the southeast United States for Poultry South. And talk about the poultry market and poultry farms and vertical integration and some of the unique characteristics of poultry farms. And we helped vouch for Poultry South at the division of Southeastern Land Group. And Andrew I didn’t begin just, just want to thank you for being on the show today. You did a great job and we appreciate everyone, watching this video review and encourage you to listen to the entire Land Show with Dave and Johnny.

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