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The Land Show Episode 273

This Week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

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  • Dave – Well, Jonathan it was our first Land Show of the year, man. Great show, tremendous show. Glad to have George Mann with Southeastern Land Group on the show.
  • George – Always fun being with you guys, always a good time.
  • Dave – Yeah, it was a great segment with you. And we started off the show with Hunter McBrayer with Alpha and he’s with the Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association of Alabama. Had a lot of great information, went deep about beekeeping. That was very interesting John.
  • Johnny – Yeah, he’s very knowledgeable about all of those subjects, and then we went continue the topic of farming. Talked to our good friend, Randall Upchurch over in Clay County. And when it comes to cattle and poultry Randall’s on top of it. And also places to eat. I tried to stop him again this week.
  • Dave – The Hunter’s Pub.
  • Johnny – The Hunter’s Pub in Hamilton, Georgia. He knew about it.
  • Dave – Well, then we found a big man, who’s he’s been cruising so much, George. He just shedding pounds, Brian Watts.
  • George – He’s slim now that’s for sure.
  • Dave – Big Brian Watts, President of Timber Sales Division. And we were talking about it really a case study you guys are doing again.
  • George – It’s going to be something that Brian and I enjoy working together anyway. And we’d done a lot of good for different clients in East Alabama. And this is a project that with a long-term client of mine that has got, it’s nice to have a blank slate. You know, there’s no open areas in the entire track that we’re doing and we’re going to open it up and cut some timber, make some money for the landowner and give him something for he and his family to enjoy.
  • Johnny – Yeah, we wrapped it up with George. We talked to him, you all hit a milestone on your family property over there.
  • George – Yeah, yeah. It’s something that I’ve enjoyed for my entire life is to share in the outdoors. And God’s blessed me and my family to be able to do that with over 300 people.
  • Dave – Wow, wow, quite a heritage. We talked about the Mann’s Wildlife Museum there in Montgomery, if you haven’t seen the Montgomery Zoo, had a lot of great information. Y’all appreciate you watching this review and be sure to listen to the entire Land Show with Dave and Johnny.

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