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The Land Show Episode 274

This Week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

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  • Dave – Well, Jonathan, in spite of us, it was another great show apparently. Caleb Skinner came on. He was a tremendous guest, Skinner farm there.
  • Johnny – Rock House farms, yeah Rock house farms in Cleburne County.
  • Dave – Yeah and they, you know, their operation is just amazing really farm to table, custom cuts of meat, different meats. It’s interesting, he’s got all kinds of, you know, sheep and cows and pigs and he’s got whatever you want.
  • Johnny – All pasteurized right there. And then we had Marianne Hudson on she’s with, Alabama’s wildlife for Freshwater Fisheries. Man, she is awesome. She gave us some great information about, game check and all of the deer harvest so far this season. Man, those numbers are up, right now.
  • Dave – Yeah, it’s been a big year. And speaking of having a big year, Russ Walters, one of our top guys from Southeastern Land Group came on and talked about getting the farm ready, and you know? Really all the great things going on in South Alabama and just an influx of buyers coming out of Florida and Georgia.
  • Johnny – Yeah, there’s strong demand right now. And then we wrapped it up with Ken Peters, he talked about trapping. I’ve seen some pictures, he’s been catching some bobcats and coyotes lately. And then that really helps to improve. Y’all had him do it.
  • Dave – Yeah, Ken with dominion trapping and Southeastern Lake Group did a great job on our farm, made a big impact. Folks, we appreciate y’all watching this video review of the show and encourage you to listen to the entire Land Show with Dave and Jonathan.

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